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Thousand Oaks Garage Door Repair: A Tricky Situation

Like any other piece of technology, garage doors, garage door openers and motors, and their respective accessories can wear out and break, and sometimes the consequences are pretty serious, which is why this sensitive work is best left to professionals for your safety and the preservation of your garage, like Oaks Garage Door & Gate Repair Thousand Oaks.

We’re a garage door specialization contractor that’s been serving Thousand Oaks and the surrounding area for years, and we dedicate ourselves to meeting and exceeding client expectations while offering high-quality services and products. With various online endorsements, listings in Angie’s List and other prestigious contractor registries and an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau, we let our work speak for itself.

Thousand Oaks Garage Door Repairs: Cause and Effect

Often, garage doors and gates need repairs and maintenance simply because of their constant use, and wear down naturally over time. In other cases, an accident, improper handling and use, or some other factors directly contribute to the declining condition of your garage door. In any case, problems and break downs are bound to occur, and our certified garage door technicians are experienced and equipped to handle any type of problem from any garage setup in any location. Residential, commercial and industrial garage doors of any style, type, brand, look and age can be serviced by our crews, as they are familiar with any system no matter how old or new.


24-Hour Emergency Oaks Garage Door & Gate Repair Thousand Oakss

emergency repairs los angelesWhile we offer the standard Thousand Oaks garage door emergency services like installation, maintenance and replacement, we also have a suite of services that not everyone else offers. Our work ethic provides clients with reassurance that no matter what the problem, we can fix it affordably, quickly, and professionally.  Just a few of the services we offer include, but are not limited to:


  • Thousand Oaks Garage Door Opener Repairs

    liftmaster garage door opener installations in Thousand OaksThis service fixes any problems you can encounter with your garage door opener, which is just an electric motor that is similar to other motors in lawnmowers, gates, etc. Wires, gears, pistons and other parts within the opener can be replaced, although sometimes a new motor is needed. All repairs with these openers finish with a practice test and performance review.


  • Thousand Oaks Broken Garage Door Spring Repair

    garage-door-springs-repair services in Thousand OaksSprings in a garage door are very important to the safe operation of any garage system, because they hold the doors open or keep them closed, and when the springs lose their tension, they are liable to break and will not be able to keep the door open. Spring Repair can be done, but usually they are replaced to avoid any future problems, and once they are replaced, they will be stretched to the proper pressure.


  • Thousand Oaks Broken Garage Door Cable Repair and Replacement

    Broken Garage Door Cable Repair and Replacement in Thousand OaksBroken-Garage-Door-Cable-Repair-and-Replacement in Thousand OaksGarage door cables work in conjunction with the springs, openers and tracks to keep each part in its place while allowing movement between all of the parts, and when the cables are worn and frayed, the entire system is in jeopardy because it may not be able to open. Technicians will carefully adjust the cables to be at the right amount of tension.


  • Garage Door Rollers Replacement and Repair in Thousand Oaks

    Garage Door Rollers Replacement and RepairRollers in the garage door work with the tracks like a rollercoaster car to ensure movement in only one of two directions: opening or closing. When rollers are damaged, they will need to be replaced, but sometimes they are simply out of alignment and can be aligned again.


  • Thousand Oaks Bent, Misaligned, or Rusted Garage Door Track Repair

    Bent, Misaligned, or Rusted Garage Door Track Repair services in Thousand OaksGarage door tracks work like rails to keep the rollers, and the doors themselves on the path they should be. Since the tracks are made of sheet metal, they can rust, corrode and be bent with little effort if used incorrectly, so caution is advised when opening or closing your doors. If any serious nicks or dents are made, they will be out of alignment and can seriously affect your garage doors, even preventing them from opening or closing completely. The technician will survey the damage, and determine whether a repair or complete overhaul is needed.

  • Thousand Oaks Garage Door Section or Panel Replacement

    Thousand Oaks Garage-Door-Section-or-Panel-Replacement servicesThe garage door itself is often overlooked in inspections and by property owners as it can be repainted, but damage to the door can make it bend which will prevent it from fitting within the tracks and can also make it look old and worn out. If the garage door is repaired, it will be fit with patchwork pieces and then molded or painted to look like the original, or the technician will replace it altogether.

  • Thousand Oaks Garage Door Remote Replacement and Installation

    Garage Door Remote Replacement and Installation in Thousand OaksMany clients will have a wireless entry system, but as with all electronics, they can break down, and loose wires, broken sensors and faulty receptors can be found within the system. Most faults found will warrant a replacement in part, or of the whole system, simply because electronic components cannot be fixed.



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Not only do we guarantee the services and the work our technicians do with our satisfaction guarantee, we ensure only the best products are used, and thanks to our network of suppliers we use only the top brands like LiftMaster, Overhead Door, Genie, Everbilt, Linear, and many more.

If you know your garage could use a light touch up, or you simply want a new model of opener, we can fulfill all your garage door needs at Oaks Garage Door & Gate Repair Thousand Oaks. Call us today at (805) 409-2069 to speak with one of our garage door technicians for any questions you may have, or one of our project schedulers to arrange an on-site or in-home service call for the low, low rate of $19, which will be immediately waived if you decide to have us service your garage door. Request a consultation online by submitting our callback form on our website. Whichever way you want to contact us, we’ll be here for you.



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